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Tustin Summer Academy FAQ

Registration tips:

Use the drop-down at the top of the site to translate the text to another language.

Use the filters on the left to sort the classes by age, dates, or subject area.

Who is running The Summer Academy?

The Summer Academy is operated by the Tustin Public Schools Foundation. Although the program is staffed by Tustin Unified School District teachers and principals, it is not affiliated with the Tustin Unified School District. Our Summer Academy directors are TUSD principals who will be available each day to ensure things run smoothly.

How do I apply to be a teacher or intern?

TUSD teachers and high school students are welcome to apply to be teachers or interns. The application window has closed for teachers and interns. Look for application information each winter.


How do I set up my account on the registration site (

Prior to registration opening on March 1, you cannot set up your account. That will happen when you register.

I have registered before, but forgot my password.

Use this link to access your registration account, make payments, and re-set your password.

Dates and Times

Classes are four days per week, Monday through Thursday, except for week 2 and week 4, which both have a Holiday.

Module 1:

Week 1 (June 10-13) Monday – Thursday

Week 2 (June 17, 18, 20, 21) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday *

Module 2:

Week 3 (June 24-28) Monday – Friday

Week 4 (July 1-3) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday **

 * Juneteenth Holiday June 19th
** Independence Day Holiday July 4th

What are the hours of the Summer Academy?

Classes are held from 8:30 - 12:30 (classes for students entering TK - 2nd grade start and end 10 minutes later). Please check your particular class for start and end times. Drop off no earlier than 8:10 AM, as there is not supervision before that time.  Please pick up by 12:45 PM.

Are there any afternoon options?

The Summer Academy ends at 12:30 or 12:40 PM, depending on the class. There is on-site childcare provided by Catalyst Kids. If you are interested, contact them directly at 714-734-3699.

Choosing Classes

Should I register for the same class twice?

If a class has the exact same name (such as Jr. Scientists) in both modules, that class is a repeat.  It will cover the exact same information. If a class has a slightly different name (such as Fast Forward Kindergarten: Camping and Fast Forward Kindergarten: Bugs) each module is different content, and you are welcome to take both classes.  Each class is 4 hours a day, so you will choose just one class for each 2-week module.

What are the class sizes?

We will be keeping classes small. Fast Forward Kindergarten will be up to 15 while most will not have more than 20 students.

Will Summer Academy students be assigned homework?

It’s summer! Teachers may offer at-home extensions of the class, but no homework will be required. The goal of this program is to encourage curiosity and to excite students about learning. There also will not be any formal testing or assessment of students.

The class I’d like is full. How do I add my name to the wait list?

You can add your name by registering for the waitlist for that class. Complete the registration information. No payment is required for the waitlist. If a spot becomes available, we will email you with a limited time to respond and secure the opening, so be sure to list an email account that you check regularly. If you are interested in your student attending the Academy, you may wish to sign up for an available class and you will be notified if a spot in a waitlisted class is available for your student. When you get that notice, register for the new class, and will refund the tuition for the original class.

Who can attend the Summer Academy?

The Summer Academy is created to benefit students in the Tustin Unified School District. However, students from all school districts may attend as long as there is available space.

My child is advanced for his/her grade level. Will this course be challenging enough?

Our courses have been developed for diverse learners and are taught by some of TUSD’s finest teachers. The talent level of our teachers and the quality of the program allows teachers to adjust the curriculum to the needs of the individual child, while maintaining the highest standards of instruction.

My child is a bit behind in school. Will the courses be too challenging?

Summer Academy is not a remedial program, and the curriculum will challenge students. Fast Forward is based on grade-level standards, so if a student is more than one grade level behind, he or she may find the program overwhelming.

Can my child request to be in the same class with his/her friends?

Yes, please indicate this during registration and we will do our very best to place your child with his/her friends.  Some classes fill quickly so be sure to register early.

Getting to and from the Academy

Do you offer busing?

Daily busing will be available from Heideman Elementary, Sycamore Magnet Academy, CT Middle School, and Utt Middle School to Orchard Hills School. The cost is $20 per 2-week session and may be purchased with registration.  Limited availability.  Pick up is at approximately 7:45 AM (varies by site), and drop off is at approximately 12:45 PM.

Can my student walk or ride a bike to and from the Academy?

Yes!  We encourage this. Please let the teacher know that this is your plan.  There are plenty of bike racks near the Multi-Purpose Room and near the Kindergarten rooms.  For walkers, the gate to Settlers Park will be open in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

Food, drinks, and meds:

Are snacks available?

Snack breaks will be offered each day. Students may bring their own items or purchase them at the on-site snack bar. Please note that the Summer Academy is NUT FREE, both for snacks sent from home and for the snack bar. Snack cards (10 items) are available for purchase by credit card with registration or at the snack bar or office with cash during the Academy.  Lunch is not provided at the Academy.

My student needs to have an Epi-Pen (or other medication). Can my child still attend?

We have TUSD staff trained on Epi-Pens and we can hold emergency medications if prescribed by a doctor. Drop off and pick up instructions will be provided before the start of the Academy.


Can I make payments?

Yes! We can split your tuition into 3 payments. You can select that option during registration.

Are there discounts available?

Enroll the same student for 2 classes at one time, and receive a $25 discount. There is also a $50 sibling discount for registrations on the same order. Please note that these discounts must be on the same order and will be automatically applied during registration. We cannot apply discounts on separate orders.

Can I change or cancel my registration?

If you change your mind and want to switch to another class, that's no problem, as long as there is space in another class. Just contact us at  If you need to cancel, full refunds, less a $25 service fee per class, can be made before May 1. After that date, there is a $100 cancellation fee per class, as we have limited spots available, and have made commitments to our teachers. There are no refunds after June 1.


What happens if my class is canceled?

If we have to cancel a class, we will move you to another class of your choice, or we will offer a full refund.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Limited need-based partial scholarships will be available for current Tustin Unified students. Please email with your student's name, current grade, school and your request.

My student may miss one of the days. May my child still attend?

Yes! We think your child will benefit even if he/she cannot attend the entire session. However, please note that we are not able to offer prorated tuition for partial attendance.

My student is ill.  May I have a refund for the time missed?

Sorry, we are not able to offer refunds for days missed due to illness or other reasons. 

I still have questions! Please email us.

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