In Memory of Doug Shinoda

December 26, 1960 - February 1, 2017

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The Doug Shinoda Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Doug Shinoda. Each year, student athletes are awarded scholarships to help with college expenses.

About Doug Shinoda...

 Doug Shinoda touched many lives in his 56 years. Doug’s warm personality and genuine concern for others helped him effortlessly cultivate deep relationships throughout the community. His kindness was felt on and off basketball courts throughout Orange County, where he excelled at developing young athletes’ skill and, more importantly, character. Doug met his wife, Judy, in Tustin during middle school. They both attended Foothill High School (FHS), where Doug played basketball.

After graduating from UCLA, Doug returned to Tustin with Judy to raise their two children, Blake and Blair, who also graduated from FHS. He found a passion in coaching girls basketball and frequently offered his time to anyone who asked, giving private shooting lessons in gyms all over the County and at his home in Tustin. But Doug did more than teach basketball, he ministered to dozens of students and their parents, preaching the values of commitment, integrity and respect. Doug recognized that not every kid’s situation is the same, and he individually tailored his coaching and message to encourage students to work hard and strive to achieve their best.

More than anything, Doug gave his girls confidence to succeed. One player quipped that you wanted to do “good for Coach Doug,” a testament to the positivity and encouragement he emanated. In turn, Doug Shinoda brightened countless lives, and with your contribution, future students at Foothill will be in a better position to succeed and develop the important values he tirelessly instilled in those fortunate enough to know this great man.