Here are the many ways your school can benefit from the Dinosaur Dash.


ENTER THE dino dash logo contest

Congratulations to Kat Garzon of Foothill High School, winner of the 2018 logo contest.  Here's Kat's winning design!  Keep an eye out for the 2019 contest announcement this winter, and take a look back at the last 27 years of Dino Dash logos for inspiration.

Kat Garzon two SM.jpg

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We have two costumes available for your use! 

Dash is ready to make an appearance at your school!  Just let us know when you need him.  All requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance and we will do our best to honor your request.  The costume can be reserved by first viewing the CALENDAR for availability and then by submitting your request. You will receive a confirmation email.

It is your responsibility to pick up the costume from the previous user.  You can check the online calendar to see where and when to pick it up.  When you're finished, be sure to return the costume to your school office so he is available for pickup by the next school.

You can contact Kathy Ellis, Dino Dash Costume Coordinator, at if you have any questions.


Encourage sign-ups for the Dinosaur Dash!  Your school will earn $6 for every online registration - that's 40% for every youth 2K registration.  Adult registrations count, too! All proceeds come back to benefit our schools through TPSF programs.  Your club/department/booster group can benefit, too!  When registering, your supporters just need to select your school and enter your group as the "Teacher."  Registrations from family, friends and neighbors (even strangers!) count as long as they select your school and group.

Reports of online registrations will be sent to each school representative every Tuesday and Thursday beginning September 20.

DOWNLOAD THE logo and newsletter adS

Schools can download the Dinosaur Dash logo and, coming soon, ads to include on their school website and newsletters.


Download the 2018 Poster Contest guidelines for all elementary students. Entry deadline is Wednesday, October 3.

GIVE runnerships

The Tustin Public Schools Foundation wants to ensure that the cost of the Dinosaur Dash does not prevent any student from participating.  To meet that goal, the Runnership program was developed.  A runnership is a scholarship to cover the race fees for a TUSD student that otherwise could not afford the $15 fee.  Donors contribute the $15.  TPSF distributes the runnerships to students in need. Your classroom receives $6 back for each runnership you purchase.

RAISE FUNDS WITH A school booth

School Booths are free and you must sign up by October 15.  This information will be helpful to the success of your booth.

If you plan on selling a non-entree/snack food item, these separate forms must be competed and returned to by October 15th - NO EXCEPTIONS.


Teacher Reps have all of the details for each school to be successful with the Dinosaur Dash.

Reports of online registrations will be sent to each rep every Tuesday and Thursday beginning September 20.

View these guidelines on how to access your Dinosaur Dash funds from TUSD.