What is the Dino-Mite Legacy Club? 

Dino-Mite Legacy Club is a loyalty program for the Dinosaur Dash Half Marathon participants who run consecutive years!  Dino-Mite Legacy Club is designed to show appreciation to our athletes who return every year to run with us. The Tustin Public Schools Foundation is able to thrive with your strong commitment and support.

The Dinosaur Dash added a half marathon in 2018. If you participated in the half marathon last year and you complete the half this year, you will receive your DINO-MITE Legacy Club Hat at the 2019 event. You don't need to contact us about eligibility, you will be automatically entered into our Dino-Mite Legacy Club when you register for our 2019 race. Legacy Members continue to receive DINO-MITE Legacy Club Gifts for every year that their streak is kept alive.

 You can pick up your Legacy Gift Item at the Dino-Mite Legacy Club Booth (which will be located in the Expo near awards, directly following the race). 

Is there a deadline to register by in order to receive the awards?
In order to receive Dino-Mite Legacy Club rewards, register by October 18, 2019.

Do I have to redeem my items on the year I reach the milestone?
Yes, athletes must pick up their items race day on the year they reach the milestone.

Who can join? How do I join?
Anyone can join, but you must register for the Dinosaur Dash Half Marathon each year before the deadline and confirm your own Dino-Mite Legacy Club eligibility.

What if I missed the Half marathon last year, can I still be a part of the legacy club this year?There is a way!!  You can sign up for our “Virtual Half Marathon,”  by October 31, 2019, and complete a half marathon on your own.  You will be added to the DINO-MITE Legacy Club with your 2019 Dino Dash Half registration.  Register today! 

Where can I pick up my reward?
Your Dino-Mite Legacy Club reward is only available for pickup at the Dino Dash Expo on race day. Our booth will be in the Results/Awards area of the Expo.

We will not mail Dino-Mite Legacy Club items. Pick up at TPSF offices can be arranged.  Contact info@tpsf.net 

Can I skip a year and still maintain my Dino-Mite Legacy Club eligibility?
No. Skipping a year will reset your eligibility for all tiers. The program requires you to run consecutive years.