The I Will Fund for Science Education

Ian Williamson (1973-2017)


Ian Williamson taught science in the Tustin School District for 16 years.  During this time, he touched the lives of thousands of young people, inspiring his students to learn more about science and encouraging them to share his positive attitude. In addition to being a gifted and inspirational teacher, Mr. Williamson was a devoted friend and a loving family member. When diagnosed with cancer, he fought the disease and continued to live life with joy and compassion.  Whether running a marathon, teaching his students, playing games with friends, or holding his family close, Ian said “I Will! I will be strong. I will fight. I will be inquisitive and whimsical.  I will create, encourage, and nurture.”  Ian shared his indomitable spirit with all he met.


The I Will Fund for Science Education will honor Mr. Williamson’s legacy. Donations to the I Will Fund will be used to support STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) initiatives. Teachers or students who demonstrate the same I Will attitude taught by Mr. Williamson may apply to the I Will fund to cover expenses such as travel costs, equipment and supplies, entry fees, participation costs, teacher honoraria, or training.  This fund may also be used for student scholarships.

The Tustin Public Schools Foundation will administer the I Will Fund for Science Education, underwriting all administrative and processing fees.