Summer Academy FAQ

1. Is there class on Fridays?  Do you offer Day Care for the afternoon or on Fridays?

No class on Fridays, except for Friday, June 28.  Classes runs Monday through Thursday, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.  NOTE: There will be no class on Thursday, July 4. The last class session will be on Wednesday July 3.  

Because of the July 4 Holiday, our schedule will be:

  • Week 1, June 10-14: Monday - Thursday

  • Week 2, June 18-21: Monday - Thursday

  • Week 3, June 24-28: Monday - Friday

  • Week 4, July 1-3: Monday - Wednesday

The Child Development Center offers on-site day care at Orchard Hills School for a reasonable fee.  You may contact CDC at 714.734.3699 or

2. Are there discounts available?

Enroll the same student for 2 classes, and receive a $25 discount. There is also a $50 sibling discount for registrations on the same order. These will be automatically applied during registration.  Early bird prices are in effect through April 28. For scholarship information, see item 15.

3. Do you give refunds?

Full refunds, less a $25 service fee, can be made before May 1.  After May 1, there is a $100 cancellation fee.  No refunds after June 1. 

4. Do classes repeat during Module 2?

All classes repeat, EXCEPT Fast Forward. Fast Forward courses have new content each module, and can be taken in any order. Please see the course catalog for more information.

5. Can I make payments or edit my information?

Yes! You can choose a payment plan when registering until May 31. From May 31 onward, all payments are due in full.

6. Will Summer Academy students be assigned homework?

Absolutely not. It’s summer! Some students may wish to recreate projects or experiences at home, but no homework will be required. The goal of this program is to encourage curiosity and to excite students about learning. There also will not be any formal testing or assessment of students.

7. We will be gone for part of the program. May my child still attend?

Yes! We think your child will benefit even if he/she cannot attend the entire session. However, please note that we are not able to offer prorated tuition for partial attendance.

8. Do I need to send a lunch?

Classes will end before lunch, however you are welcome to send a snack. Snacks will also be available for purchase during the break at 10:20am each day.

9. Who is running Summer Academy?

Summer Academy is owned and operated by the Tustin Public Schools Foundation. Although the program is staffed by Tustin Unified School District teachers and principals, it is in no way affiliated with the Tustin Unified School District. Our Summer Academy director is a TUSD middle school principal who will be on-site each day to ensure things run smoothly.

10. What is the class size?

Classes have no more than 20 students per TUSD credentialed teacher.  Kindergarten has a maximum of 15 students per class.

11. What is the difference between STEAM and Fast Forward?

Fast Forward focuses more on grade-level standards (in Language Arts and Math, with Social Studies and Science standards woven in) and will provide a glimpse into concepts that students will encounter in the coming school year. STEAM is project-based and will focus more on the sciences, challenging students to develop their problem-solving skills while developing their abilities to work in a group.

12. My child is advanced for his/her grade level. Will this course be challenging enough?

Our courses have been developed for diverse learners and are taught by some of TUSD’s finest teachers. The talent level of our teachers and the quality of the program allows teachers to adjust the curriculum to the needs of the individual child, while maintaining the highest standards of instruction.

13. My child is a bit behind in school. Will the courses be too challenging?

Summer Academy is not a remedial program, and the curriculum will challenge students. Fast Forward is based on grade-level standards, so if a student is more than one grade level behind, he or she may find the program overwhelming.

14. I live far from Orchard Hills School.  Do you offer transportation?

Yes, buses run daily from Currie and Utt Middle Schools, picking up at approximately 8:00 am and dropping off at approximately 1:00 pm.  You can purchase bus passes for 2 weeks ($20) or 4 weeks ($40).

15. Can my child request to be in the same class with his/her friends?

Yes, please indicate this during registration and we will do our very best to place your child with his/her friends.

16. How do I apply for a scholarship and what amounts do you grant?

The Tustin Public Schools Foundation will award a limited number of partial scholarships.  We will get back to you as soon as possible with scholarship decisions. The 2019 application period has closed.

17. I still have questions!

Please email us.